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What is Islam??

Last post 03-16-2010, 9:35 AM by nogapok_cygb6bl. 1 replies.
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  •  01-05-2010, 5:05 AM 195742

    What is Islam??

    Know more on www.islamicglory.com/en
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  •  03-16-2010, 9:35 AM 196052 in reply to 195742

    Re: What is Islam??

    The site for blind beleivers. I got nausea reading through user-unfriendly designed mullsh!t. 

    This is a quote from Mar 13 article with /my comments/:

     Every cloud contains thousands—sometimes millions—of tons of water in the form of vapor   Every year /does anyone believe in year-long-lasting cloud?/, the amount of water that evaporates and that falls back to the Earth in the form of rain is "constant": 513 trillion tons /regardless of Sun activity periods and civilization impact/.   The pressure the mountains exert on the crust of the earth with their enormous mass prevents the magma movements in the core of the earth from reaching the earth and destroying the earth's crust /sure, no volcanoes exist!/.The speed of rain drops, regardless of their size, does not exceed 8 meters in a second /=28.8 km/h. When wind is faster, raindrops bravely go against it/. The world has to rotate about its axis at a certain speed (1,670 km/h at the equator) /Who will make it to do so? Every planet in a universe is decreasing its rotation speed but Earth?/. If the earth’s speed of rotation were to exceed a certain limit, the atmosphere would grow extremely warm, increasing the gas molecules’ velocity of escape from the earth and causing the atmosphere to be dispersed in space and to vanish /Is it a treat? It will never happen in nature unless some suicidal fool will force the Earth that way/.

    In conclusion, NONE of the sentenses above is true. Let me know if anyone need further explanation.

    Посторонись! Ахинею несу!!!
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