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I have found great new Russian IPTV service (NEXTV)

  •  01-16-2008, 12:19 PM

    I have found great new Russian IPTV service (NEXTV)

    I just wanted to post and let others know i used to have TVRossyia but if you had this you know they went out of buisness  so i search and find a great new but long time real established company

    Here is there website www.getnextv.com  PLEASE note that they are not uptodate on the website they are still working on it but i can tell you that right now they offer 21 channels here are they channels they have

    35 RT   Russia Today News Channel

       401 RTVi   RTVi 

       402 RTVi+   RTVi Plus

       403 HTB   HTB Canada

       404 MAKS   MAKS TV Russia

       405 CTC   CTC Russia

       406 C1R   Channel One Russia

       407 RTRP   RTR Planeta Russia

       408 RTRS   RTR Planeta Sport Russia 

       409 VESTI   Russian News Channel

       410 KINOS   Kino Souz Russia

       411 PARK   Park Razvlecheniy Russia

       412 REXTR   Russian Extreme Channel

       413 SVSEC   Sovershenno Sekretno Russia

       414 NKINO   Novoe Kino

       415 HCT   HCT Russia

       416 DOM   Domashniy Channel Russia

       417 TNT   TNT Russia

       418 REN   Ren TV Russia

       419 UMOR   Humor TV Russia

       420 TVC   TVC Russia

    I can tell you all i am very very please with there service customer service has been great very easy to deal with and so easy to set up.


    I know there are many Free channels you can watch over the net on the computer BUT for me i prefer to watch on my TV and this service is great!!

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