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  • Re: Russian TV over Internet

    I've heard, some people are using http://www.nashdomtv.com/ This is good for those who has NO computer and NO ability to get Russian programming thru Cable company or Satellite.
    Posted to Ask? (Forum) by Odessa on February 26, 2010
  • Re: Russian TV over Internet

    Уже 3 недели как подписался на NexTV. Качество нормальное, я доволен.Живу в Tорoнто, у нас есть несколько компаний которые предлагают русские каналы, но только у NexTV есть реальный офис. все наверное слышали об Overseatv и TVRossiya,они закрылись в прошлом году. NexTV отправляет приемник по почте бесплатно, но меня интересовал сам факт ...
    Posted to Ask? (Forum) by MIKI on February 14, 2008
  • I have found great new Russian IPTV service (NEXTV)

    I just wanted to post and let others know i used to have TVRossyia but if you had this you know they went out of buisness  so i search and find a great new but long time real established company Here is there website www.getnextv.com  PLEASE note that they are not uptodate on the website they are still working on it but i can tell you ...
    Posted to Russian Resources (Forum) by Khimik on January 16, 2008
  • Re: Russian TV over Internet

    ShEV: Kostya, we are signed up for BestRussianTv.com - several months already. They have been great at first, then lately had some buffering and freezing issues, but just posted an anouncement that all those are fixed. Claimed that the issue had to do with their sattelite reception. I was also subscribed to BestRussianTV.com (previously ...
    Posted to Ask? (Forum) by Kostya on December 17, 2007
  • Re: Russian TV over Internet

    TallSally: I have Comcast and very happy with the service and price, can we add Direct TV (russian and japanese channels) or that's impossible from technical point of view? It's possible, but you're not really adding it to Comcast.  You are subscribing to DirecTV satellite service in addition to Comcast.  Most TVs will allow you ...
    Posted to Ask? (Forum) by Kostya on December 17, 2007
  • Re: Russian TV over Internet

    Dasha, Have you looked at www.corbina.tv?  Corbina has live and recorded Russian TV channels.  And it's free.  
    Posted to Ask? (Forum) by Kostya on December 15, 2007

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